Welcome to the Rex Ski Waxing Recommendations website. Here you will find recommendations on races in the Midwest. On the schedule page, there is a listing of those events that will be covered. Waxing recommendations for the various races will be made Monday evening for the upcoming week with an update on Wednesday and Friday if needed. In the event of significant weather changes, every effort will be made to update a recommendation the night before the race.

A new change will be made to the recommendations this year with a notes section instead of a forecast section.  It is our belief that if you want a forecast, you can get much more information that I can offer on one of many websites.  The notes section will talk about the race course and snow conditions.  It will also go into which waxes should work well and why.

There will be different levels of performance based on money, and ease of application, and type of races.  The sport recommendation is for the racer who just wants to have that extra advantage over the next guy who didn’t put any time into his skis.  This will be the most cost effective way of getting your skis faster and the easiest wax to apply.  The competitive recommendation is for those who want to race, and be competitive, but know the days of Olympic dreams and National Titles are behind us. Or, in the case of a high school competitor, improved skill and equipment is more important than the most technical recommendation. This is not to say that the second recommendation will be significantly slower. In most cases, it will be within 95% of the top level recommendation. It will be easier to apply and cost less.  The elite level of recommendation is for those whose mission it is to win at all costs.

Rex Ski Wax Midwest Waxing Recommendations